A Brand New You

Hey, Lovely Lady!

How often have you envied that girl at the gym – you know the one who smashes a workout in 30 minutes or less? The one who has nice toned arms, abs, and a booty that goes on for days. The one who doesn’t have to constantly be dieting or has to give up the foods she loves and still is lean and toned?

I hear you! I was you! I thought for years the only way to get results was to spend hours on the treadmill and eat as little as possible.

My behaviors started with good intentions but quickly spiraled out of hand. I had created a pattern of disordered eating, addiction to exercise and severe body dysmorphia. I was the farthest thing from healthy and still didn’t have the physique I wanted so badly.

Turns out I was doing everything wrong.

What I was doing to my body was destroying it physically and mentally. I wasn’t going about the process in a way that was sustainable and I was sacrificing my entire life to just lose a few more pounds.

It might be bold to say, but my battles were the best things that could have happened to me. It definitely didn’t seem that way at the time or while working through the recovery process, but now that I am on the other side I can see the value that I learned.

Trudging through these issues opened my eyes. It allowed me to permanently change my views on what health truly is. In this I discovered my passion for helping women. Women just like you. Women who are tired of working out for hours and eating as little as possible and still not getting the results they want.

I finally realized enough was enough and I reached out for help. With the support of a coach, I started a process a reverse dieting. Slowly I was able to increase my calories which repaired my metabolism and healed my relationship with food. I started weight training and decreased the amount of cardio I was performing. What I learned was that if we do less work, we get more results. If we eat more food your body can do more. And this is the key to long term, sustainable success.

Are you ready? Ready to workout less with more results and finally eat more food all while losing weight? I can help! Click on the button below to schedule your free Fit&Fierce Live session.

Meghan earned her Masters Degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology with a minor in nutrition from UW-La Crosse and became a certified Wellness Coach from the Mayo Health System.


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