A Brand New You

When was the last time you…

…went out to eat and didn’t have anxiety when looking at the menu?

When you didn’t feel like your value in life changes because the scale did?

When you exercised to celebrate your body – not to punish it?

When you didn’t feel like a slave to food, exercise, or the scale?

When you didn’t jump from diet to diet desperate to change your body?

Strike a chord? Then my one-on-one coaching program is exactly what you need! It is time to take control. to stop obsessing about food and exercise, to finally ditch the extremes and actually get lean. It’s time to finally love the skin you are in!


What You’ll Get

  • Customized nutrition plan tailored specifically for you. Nutrition plans will be reviewed weekly and adjusted as needed.
  • Customized monthly workout plans.
  • Weekly video check-ins where we discuss your goals, progress, and address any struggles or concerns you have.
  • Mindset hacks that will help you to overcome your fear of food and struggles with over exercising.
    24/7 contact with me via Voxer app or email.
  • Accountability – which I believe is so important throughout your journey.

And most of all freedom! Freedom from your food fears! Freedom from excessive hours of cardio! Freedom from the scale! Freedom to live your life and be the best version of yourself!

To apply now, complete the short form below…


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